The Walking Wounded

Born's Backlogged Bio & Bewildered Bye-bye

Walking Wounded – Part 3
Gaming Session on 7/13/2014 (to 9/7/2014)
Dravago (4)/27/998

Continuing from within the cave, we revive the cart driver. After reassuring him that Warforged don’t eat people, and that we had, in fact, rescued him, he accepts our offer to escort him back to his ransacked cart. He rummages through the wreckage, gathering what’s left of his possessions. We struck up a conversation, and upon finding out we’re going to Wroat, he offered to repay our kindness with a couple passes into the city! He introduces himself as Parn. With that, we strike out North to his farm. We met Able (his wife) and Eva (his daughter) before setting out again.

Dravago (4)/28/998
We arrive at the outskirts of Wroat, late on the 28th. Brokenblade Castle and The Citadel can be seen on an island in the middle of a lake. Two bridges connect the island to the mainland to the South West and South East, and there are large dock areas at the West and East of the island; piers jutting out into the water like a fan of blades.

Two and Born use the passes, and the others each pay two copper to enter at the South West gate. There are many people who are buying from vendors. These people are wearing cloaks and masks – the masks all painted differently. Not necessarily festive, but uniquely painted duplicate masks. Born asks a cloth vendor at The Firefly Loom about the masks. She’s wearing an outfit spellweave fabric. She says that 20 years ago, a kind-hearted nobleman dressed in cloaks and masks along with his subjects, shopping in anonymity, to encourage equality. The tradition continues every 4/28.

We head to a tea house to discuss the loot split. It’s an open air tea house, with a garden and stream area in back. We order, and find a secluded spot. Two house teas and two hot sakes are brought to us, and we start divvying up our findings. We even have enough to start an official party fund, getting Two a new repair wand. The tea and sake were delicious, if pricey, and we leave in great spirits. We sell our gear, and head to House Cannith with Anna.

She’s going to get us in touch with Ancel Tarrn, a director of House Cannith. Turns out, he and Derrick ir’Tarrn are twin brothers. Two knows they used to be close, so we become hesitant to contact Ancel at all. So, we contact the head of House Cannith in Wroat, Dravot d’Cannith. We have an appointment for early the next morning, at 8am.

With the rest of the day off, The party splits up to pursue their own interests. Born and Two check other districts for large javelins, Maddie is off to Morgrave University, Ingram is forging, and Posey is off to be philanthropical. We are to meet later at the Fur and Leather Inn.

In the various markets throughout town, Two overhears a rumor repeated a few times: there’s a Blackguard in town, and he’s recruiting “monsters” to help him: shifters, goblins, and Warforged.

When we meet up at the Fur and Leather, there are a large number of “outcast” races… the same kind as the rumored Blackguard is recruiting. We spend the night.

Nymm (5)/1/998
As we leave the Fur and Leather, we see someone who is still in a mask, sitting at the back corner of the Inn, apparently staring at us. There is a big crash from the room behind the bar, and an arm holding an axe pokes out from behind a leather curtain for a moment, before they regain their balance and retreat back out of view. The masked figure did not change its gaze, staying fixed on us.

We make it to House Cannith, and register at the front desk. We are taken to a room, where we meet Dravot. Two explains our situation (same version we told Anna), after a brief check to see if he is who he says he is. We turn over the broken stone Schema as well. He graciously accepts it, and leaves the room with it. 20 minutes later, it’s tough to remain patient. Another 20 minutes, he comes back and offers us some refreshments while we wait. A little longer, and he comes back with news that the Schema was repairable! It is an older Schema, that could bind ironwood to a form. He gives us a pouch with a 1,000 platinum reward! We say our goodbyes to him and to Anna, and head out.

On the way to the tea house, the masked figure from that morning is spotted tailing us. Keeping an eye out during our discussion, we debate out next moves. Perhaps we could fly over The Mournland, Feather Fall into the remains of Cyre, and find the (presumably still operational) creation forge. Once there, we’d see if we can use our Schema to create the first Peaceforged. We head to Morgrave University, to research maps and routes for our excursion. On the way, Posey got an incredibly lucky glance at the masked follower… they’re Warforged… and they have a Dragonmark!

We start researching the various aspects of our plan. Two searches for Warforged artificers, and finds some still surviving – a couple in Sharn (plus the one Born met there), though none in Wroat.

Back at the Inn, we see Horster the halfling. He says Nortland isn’t happy, as the item we delivered wasn’t the right thing. He returns the bent metal Schema that we put in the cylinder, and passes on the fact that Nortland still wants us to return the original item. Then he leaves.

So, we plan to bug out of the city, and head East along the lightning rail, toward The Mournland.

Walking Wounded
Gaming Session on 8/3/2014
Nymm (5)/1/998

We debate the merits of following the stones of the lightning rail, vs. keeping more hidden. We decide to force march and hustle along the forest’s edge, making 72 miles on the first day with everyone riding Born; about halfway along the forest’s edge.

Nymm (5)/2/998
We pack at dawn and get ready to head out again. Before we can, we’re attacked by a pack of ten undead giant spiders! After the shock of battle subsides, we talk about if we want to try to find the necromancer responsible, or continue on. After all, our first main objective – getting out of Wroat – has been achieved.

We decide to find out if the necromancer is just a random thief, or if they’re perhaps a bounty hunter after us. Differing opinions on direction cause a little delay, then we head NE.

We find a large stone building with an open-air walkway with three 10’ stairway and platform elevations, leading up to an entrance. A stone birdbath filled with rainwater is on the 2nd platform. Magical rainwater? No, some kind of Arcane Mark-based magic. And more magic on the third platform ahead – which accompanies a skeleton. An Orc corpse, after Posie restores some flesh on it. It has a magical ring… faint abjuration? Ring of Protection +2!

We head inside, sending the newly reanimated Orc into the building. About 15’ in, an electrical buzzsaw cuts in two, and electrocutes it for good measure. We move cautiously past, but Ingram falls in a pit trap with spikes covering every surface! After we drag him back up through the spiked walls, we move on, the ground sloping down in a gentle spiral, to find a statue with a hollow wooden base. Two breaks the statue off the base, revealing a shaft 50’ deep; a ladder into the depths beckoning. We retrace steps to another hallway branch instead. There’s a room with a pit and four mechanical statues armed with crossbows. Behind the wall to the south is the mechanism for the saws above. As Two gets anywhere close to the statues, they raise their crossbows in unison. A quick step back and a detect magic spell later, we know their crossbows are enchanted with magic missile.

We go back to the shaft, and head down the ladder. Big double doors mark the entry into a room with a Grave Knight! After a massive battle that almost destroys the entire party, we rest for two days and repair. It is now 5/4/998.

Walking Wounded
Gaming Session on 9/7/2014
Nymm (5)/4/998

Tessa decided Posey needed to go away. :(
(this was handled a couple weeks back in a short, dedicated session)

We then discovered her new PC, Zephyr, who agreed to help us vanquish the evil here, and possibly continue with us to the Mournlands.

We debate heading down a large hole in a room guarded by four statues, each with a Magic Missile-shooting crossbow. Maddie and Zephyr head down, and Two has a rope tied to her in case she needs to be lowered to follow. Ingram oversees, and Born weighs anchor in the nearest hallway intersection to guard the rear. Maddie and Zephyr descend slowly, and the walls open up into a 50’ high room. Tapestries on the wall depict the creation of undead armies, skeletons and zombies in the hundreds. There are large wooden double doors leading into the room, every 50’ around the walls; eight sets in all.

The tapestries… there’s one depicting five warforged: us. The tapestry shows our own actions over the past few days… and another tapestry with a new fifth member – all five dead, and the Grave Knight overseeing the undead hordes. We decide to leave, hastily, destroying a couple statues (not able to be salvaged for our own usage) and the arcane mark-enchanted birdbath for good measure.

As we reach the bottom of the stairs out, we see Horster and a few others, one astride a huge mastodon. Horster asks us to hand over “the item,” and we naturally decline. Combat ensues! Zephyr calls lightning down on the elephant and rider, and all Khyber breaks loose. Born goes down more than a two copper whore, testing the limits of the party’s healers to simply keep him conscious. The rest of the party whittles away at the enemies, and we eventually prevail!

Zephyr demands to know why we were just attacked, and we (read: Maddie) spills ALL the beans. :)

Horster is still alive, and we cure him to ask questions… gently, with Two (who gets along with him best anyway) in charge of diplomacy. He answers the questions he can (we were found by Nortland by a favor called in with a group of powerful clerics, for example), and we offer to let him go, and give him a few supplies. He likely won’t return to Nortland, as he’d probably be put to death for his failure. A bit of debate (some heated) later, we agree to give him some extra healing, too. Then, Maddie shoots him with a sleeping dart! He was unaffected, but it sparked a huge debate between Maddie, Two, and Ingram, with Zephyr and Born trying unsuccessfully to keep the tempers down. Maddie flies away (taking the schema with her), and Ingram vents fury about Horster’s involvement with atacking us (despite the evidence that he pulled his own punches), with Two raising a peaceful counterpoint.

Eventually, the four of us depart West, to double back and head North so we can follow the lightning rail East to Vatherond. Horster is “allowed” to leave, in the opposite direction. We camp for the night, and divvy up treasure and repair.

Nymm (5)/5/998
We repair and rest another day. Still no Mayden. Born has a growing sad, wondering if his first real friend has abandoned him, and stolen his dream.


awwwhahahah Aubrey! That last paragraph made me tear up a little! Well done! >.<

Lokibryce Aleph13

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