Warforged Trivia

This section is for information about warforged that isn’t necessary to know but may be enjoyable or help with character creation. These facts will be added as I find them with no consideration to any order.

After emerging from the forge, most of the warforged were marked with symbols indicating the military specialty and national allegiance, so soldiers could identify their allies on the battlefield. In the years following the war, most warforged have had these insignia removed. However, some have left these symbols intact out of indifference or nostalgia. A character can identify warforged military insignia with a successful Profession (soldier) or Knowledge (history) skill check (DC 10). These symbols can be altered or concealed with the Disguise skill, or removed by any armorsmith.

The Ghulra
Composition and insignia are elements that many warforged may share. But every warforged has one unique feature: the sigil engraved on its forehead. These symbols are as individual as human fingerprints, and if a warforged possesses the ability to cast arcane mark, its personal mark will be the same as the sigil on its forehead. These symbols were not designed by human hands. When Aaren d’Cannith’s first construct emerged from the creation forge, it bore a symbol on its forehead, and the second had a different sigil. Aaren’s dedicated dwarven magewrights called these symbols “ghulra,” a Dwarven word for “truth.”

This will be repeated in Character Creation section, but warforged do not get ANY bonus languages. They know only common. If you wish to know more you must put points in linguistics.

Warforged Trivia

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