Warforged Racial Stats

The rules surrounding warforged speak of them being created to do a task, thus I will be adapting this concept with some variants I found on the internet.

Since your character was created for a particular purpose they may choose from the following options for Racial traits. These are for standard warforged only, Scout and Charger will have their own section

All warforged get +2 Con (due to their need to be durable in combat) as you will see already added in below.

Choose one of the following stat blocks (I may allow you to use a bonus to modify these slightly) (the negative stat is choose one or the other, not -2 to both)

  • +2 str, +2 con, -2 int/cha
  • +2 dex, +2 con, -2 str/wis
  • +2 int, +2 con, -2 str/cha
  • +2 wis, +2 con, -2 str/dex
  • +2 cha, +2 con, -2 int/str

Base land speed is 30ft

Composite Plating (MAJOR CHANGE): Warforged are living constructs made of stronger materials than skin and bone, this affords them a +2 natural armor bonus. Warforged may wear suits of armor and magical robes and may even have these items crafted as Components.

Fortification: (Aubrey’s gonna yell) Warforged no longer get light fortification as a base trait, this is to balance this race when compared to other Pathfinder racial traits. It also helps balance the ability to stack standard and natural armor bonuses.

Favorite Class: As per pathfinder you may chose your favorite class, but must stick with it once it is chosen.

Living Construct Subtype:
Traits: A living construct possesses the following traits

  • Immunity to poison, sleep effects, paralysis, disease, nausea, fatigue, exhaustion, and energy drain.
  • A living construct cannot heal damage naturally.
  • Living constructs can be affected by spells that target living creatures as well as by those that target constructs.
  • Spells from the healing subschool provide only half effect to a living construct.
  • Doesn’t take extra damage for taking actions when disabled (0 hit points)
  • Auto Stablizes at -1 to -con HP
  • Can be raised or resurrected.
  • Does not need to eat or breathe, but can still benefit from the effects of consumable spells and magic items
  • Does not need to sleep, but must rest for 8 hours before preparing spells.
  • Unlike other constructs, a living construct is not immune to mind-influencing effects.
  • Unlike other constructs, living constructs are subject to critical hits, effects requiring a Fort save, death from massive damage, nonlethal damage, stunning, ability damage, ability drain, and death effects or necromancy effects.

Warforged Racial Stats

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