The Walking Wounded

Droaam Discovery Disaster Diverted by Destruction of Dozen+ Dissidents

Walking Wounded – Part 9? Let’s say 9
Gaming Session on 4/17/2016
Lharvion (6)/17+?/998

Born did not expect to feel this level of animosity toward the inhabitants of Droaam (He’s not knowledgeable of history, politics, or geography, and had no idea that there were any dissenters to the treaty).

The knowledge that forges are legal in other countries does nothing to quiet his mind, as the only other alternative location for a forge he can think of is The Mournland (Born has no reason to suspect any other dissenters, so foreign is the concept). That Cyre dissented as well as Droaam, only heightens his distaste for Droaam, because that’s the only way he can cope with the hypocrisy of being a Cyre loyalist.

The whole experience has made him irritable and a bit short tempered. He is quite happy to now have a productive outlet for his frustrations, and is glad the infiltration was not ruined outright by their discovery (What if this gargoyle guy would have been open to talking and a purchase of the deck for a wager of some kind? We’ll never know, because Born was looking for an excuse to fight them. Whiiiiich he now regrets, just a little. But only a little). He giggles as he shakes off some more gore and giblets, feeling much better.

Born's Bio - Bothered by Baddies

Walking Wounded – Part 4
Gaming Session on 9/21/2014

Brian – Ingram
Tash – Two
Bee – Unnamed [left: Mayden (Maddie)]
Tessa – Zephyr [left: Posie]
Aubrey – Born

The next day, sure that Maddie isn’t coming back, the four companions continue their journey to Vathirond, via Starilaskur. If they force march uninterrupted the whole way, they could make it in a couple weeks.

As they follow the Lightning Rail’s path Eastward, there are occasional bridges where the party decides it would be safer not to cross the bridge, and instead follow nearby paths and skirt around the area. In one such detour, they stumble across an ogre – no, two – and an invisible ogre caster! The caster controls Born, who starts attacking Ingram, almost taking him out. They barely knock out the ogres in time, and Born comes back to his senses. They burn the ogre, because it keeps regenerating, and as the body finally succumbs, it changes back to its original form – an Oni!

Nymm (5)/9/998

The next few days is relatively uneventful, and they make good progress. They see a horse-drawn merchant cart , and it turns out to be Gregor. How did he get East of us? Last we saw him, he was heading South towards Sharn. Ah, well. We sell some stuff, and move on.

Nymm (5)/14/998

We’ve been traveling roughly 50 miles a day at a forced hustling march, and are now 9 days away from Starilaskur. A lightning rail train zooms into view, and five unscrupulous figures jump from the train’s roof, activating feather fall tokens to land safely near us, and attack! Ingram and Zephyr go down, but Two quickly repairs them. After they’re dispatched, we notice they’re all wearing a copper band with the initials ND.


Six more uneventful days. Suddenly, giant tiger! Dispatched quickly, it must have been more afraid of us than we were of it.


Three more days, and we see Starilaskur in the distance! We debate whether to continue East to Vathirond, or head South to New Cyre, and then swing East to Kennrun, cross into Darguun, and into the mists of The Mournlands. We decide to “sleep” on it, and stay in Starilaskur for five days while Ingram’s shield is upgraded, and Born’s armor is enchanted. Our suite at the Bubbling Boulion is huge, with four large rooms on the third floor. We rest well.


At the end of the fourth day, Zephyr is on watch from our suite, monitoring the lightning rail station. She sees a bunch of unsavory characters disembark, and we decide to lay low until Ingram’s shield is ready.


Come early afternoon, we pack to leave, and head to get the shield. As we gather in front of the shop, Nortland Dawnchaser and his 20-person entourage surround the building, and us. Ingram had already gone inside. When he comes out, he addresses Nortland, and tells him that the item is gone – taken, by Posie (fly, Maddie, fly!). It doesn’t dissuade him, though, and they prep for the attack. Then, Horster bursts out of a nearby bush, yelling for him to stop! He barters his life for ours, saying that he can find the item. Nortland says “we’re done” to us, and they take Horster away. We leave town immediately, heading to the East, where we will swing South towards Kennrun, 350 miles away.

Born's Backlogged Bio & Bewildered Bye-bye

Walking Wounded – Part 3
Gaming Session on 7/13/2014 (to 9/7/2014)
Dravago (4)/27/998

Continuing from within the cave, we revive the cart driver. After reassuring him that Warforged don’t eat people, and that we had, in fact, rescued him, he accepts our offer to escort him back to his ransacked cart. He rummages through the wreckage, gathering what’s left of his possessions. We struck up a conversation, and upon finding out we’re going to Wroat, he offered to repay our kindness with a couple passes into the city! He introduces himself as Parn. With that, we strike out North to his farm. We met Able (his wife) and Eva (his daughter) before setting out again.

Dravago (4)/28/998
We arrive at the outskirts of Wroat, late on the 28th. Brokenblade Castle and The Citadel can be seen on an island in the middle of a lake. Two bridges connect the island to the mainland to the South West and South East, and there are large dock areas at the West and East of the island; piers jutting out into the water like a fan of blades.

Two and Born use the passes, and the others each pay two copper to enter at the South West gate. There are many people who are buying from vendors. These people are wearing cloaks and masks – the masks all painted differently. Not necessarily festive, but uniquely painted duplicate masks. Born asks a cloth vendor at The Firefly Loom about the masks. She’s wearing an outfit spellweave fabric. She says that 20 years ago, a kind-hearted nobleman dressed in cloaks and masks along with his subjects, shopping in anonymity, to encourage equality. The tradition continues every 4/28.

We head to a tea house to discuss the loot split. It’s an open air tea house, with a garden and stream area in back. We order, and find a secluded spot. Two house teas and two hot sakes are brought to us, and we start divvying up our findings. We even have enough to start an official party fund, getting Two a new repair wand. The tea and sake were delicious, if pricey, and we leave in great spirits. We sell our gear, and head to House Cannith with Anna.

She’s going to get us in touch with Ancel Tarrn, a director of House Cannith. Turns out, he and Derrick ir’Tarrn are twin brothers. Two knows they used to be close, so we become hesitant to contact Ancel at all. So, we contact the head of House Cannith in Wroat, Dravot d’Cannith. We have an appointment for early the next morning, at 8am.

With the rest of the day off, The party splits up to pursue their own interests. Born and Two check other districts for large javelins, Maddie is off to Morgrave University, Ingram is forging, and Posey is off to be philanthropical. We are to meet later at the Fur and Leather Inn.

In the various markets throughout town, Two overhears a rumor repeated a few times: there’s a Blackguard in town, and he’s recruiting “monsters” to help him: shifters, goblins, and Warforged.

When we meet up at the Fur and Leather, there are a large number of “outcast” races… the same kind as the rumored Blackguard is recruiting. We spend the night.

Nymm (5)/1/998
As we leave the Fur and Leather, we see someone who is still in a mask, sitting at the back corner of the Inn, apparently staring at us. There is a big crash from the room behind the bar, and an arm holding an axe pokes out from behind a leather curtain for a moment, before they regain their balance and retreat back out of view. The masked figure did not change its gaze, staying fixed on us.

We make it to House Cannith, and register at the front desk. We are taken to a room, where we meet Dravot. Two explains our situation (same version we told Anna), after a brief check to see if he is who he says he is. We turn over the broken stone Schema as well. He graciously accepts it, and leaves the room with it. 20 minutes later, it’s tough to remain patient. Another 20 minutes, he comes back and offers us some refreshments while we wait. A little longer, and he comes back with news that the Schema was repairable! It is an older Schema, that could bind ironwood to a form. He gives us a pouch with a 1,000 platinum reward! We say our goodbyes to him and to Anna, and head out.

On the way to the tea house, the masked figure from that morning is spotted tailing us. Keeping an eye out during our discussion, we debate out next moves. Perhaps we could fly over The Mournland, Feather Fall into the remains of Cyre, and find the (presumably still operational) creation forge. Once there, we’d see if we can use our Schema to create the first Peaceforged. We head to Morgrave University, to research maps and routes for our excursion. On the way, Posey got an incredibly lucky glance at the masked follower… they’re Warforged… and they have a Dragonmark!

We start researching the various aspects of our plan. Two searches for Warforged artificers, and finds some still surviving – a couple in Sharn (plus the one Born met there), though none in Wroat.

Back at the Inn, we see Horster the halfling. He says Nortland isn’t happy, as the item we delivered wasn’t the right thing. He returns the bent metal Schema that we put in the cylinder, and passes on the fact that Nortland still wants us to return the original item. Then he leaves.

So, we plan to bug out of the city, and head East along the lightning rail, toward The Mournland.

Walking Wounded
Gaming Session on 8/3/2014
Nymm (5)/1/998

We debate the merits of following the stones of the lightning rail, vs. keeping more hidden. We decide to force march and hustle along the forest’s edge, making 72 miles on the first day with everyone riding Born; about halfway along the forest’s edge.

Nymm (5)/2/998
We pack at dawn and get ready to head out again. Before we can, we’re attacked by a pack of ten undead giant spiders! After the shock of battle subsides, we talk about if we want to try to find the necromancer responsible, or continue on. After all, our first main objective – getting out of Wroat – has been achieved.

We decide to find out if the necromancer is just a random thief, or if they’re perhaps a bounty hunter after us. Differing opinions on direction cause a little delay, then we head NE.

We find a large stone building with an open-air walkway with three 10’ stairway and platform elevations, leading up to an entrance. A stone birdbath filled with rainwater is on the 2nd platform. Magical rainwater? No, some kind of Arcane Mark-based magic. And more magic on the third platform ahead – which accompanies a skeleton. An Orc corpse, after Posie restores some flesh on it. It has a magical ring… faint abjuration? Ring of Protection +2!

We head inside, sending the newly reanimated Orc into the building. About 15’ in, an electrical buzzsaw cuts in two, and electrocutes it for good measure. We move cautiously past, but Ingram falls in a pit trap with spikes covering every surface! After we drag him back up through the spiked walls, we move on, the ground sloping down in a gentle spiral, to find a statue with a hollow wooden base. Two breaks the statue off the base, revealing a shaft 50’ deep; a ladder into the depths beckoning. We retrace steps to another hallway branch instead. There’s a room with a pit and four mechanical statues armed with crossbows. Behind the wall to the south is the mechanism for the saws above. As Two gets anywhere close to the statues, they raise their crossbows in unison. A quick step back and a detect magic spell later, we know their crossbows are enchanted with magic missile.

We go back to the shaft, and head down the ladder. Big double doors mark the entry into a room with a Grave Knight! After a massive battle that almost destroys the entire party, we rest for two days and repair. It is now 5/4/998.

Walking Wounded
Gaming Session on 9/7/2014
Nymm (5)/4/998

Tessa decided Posey needed to go away. :(
(this was handled a couple weeks back in a short, dedicated session)

We then discovered her new PC, Zephyr, who agreed to help us vanquish the evil here, and possibly continue with us to the Mournlands.

We debate heading down a large hole in a room guarded by four statues, each with a Magic Missile-shooting crossbow. Maddie and Zephyr head down, and Two has a rope tied to her in case she needs to be lowered to follow. Ingram oversees, and Born weighs anchor in the nearest hallway intersection to guard the rear. Maddie and Zephyr descend slowly, and the walls open up into a 50’ high room. Tapestries on the wall depict the creation of undead armies, skeletons and zombies in the hundreds. There are large wooden double doors leading into the room, every 50’ around the walls; eight sets in all.

The tapestries… there’s one depicting five warforged: us. The tapestry shows our own actions over the past few days… and another tapestry with a new fifth member – all five dead, and the Grave Knight overseeing the undead hordes. We decide to leave, hastily, destroying a couple statues (not able to be salvaged for our own usage) and the arcane mark-enchanted birdbath for good measure.

As we reach the bottom of the stairs out, we see Horster and a few others, one astride a huge mastodon. Horster asks us to hand over “the item,” and we naturally decline. Combat ensues! Zephyr calls lightning down on the elephant and rider, and all Khyber breaks loose. Born goes down more than a two copper whore, testing the limits of the party’s healers to simply keep him conscious. The rest of the party whittles away at the enemies, and we eventually prevail!

Zephyr demands to know why we were just attacked, and we (read: Maddie) spills ALL the beans. :)

Horster is still alive, and we cure him to ask questions… gently, with Two (who gets along with him best anyway) in charge of diplomacy. He answers the questions he can (we were found by Nortland by a favor called in with a group of powerful clerics, for example), and we offer to let him go, and give him a few supplies. He likely won’t return to Nortland, as he’d probably be put to death for his failure. A bit of debate (some heated) later, we agree to give him some extra healing, too. Then, Maddie shoots him with a sleeping dart! He was unaffected, but it sparked a huge debate between Maddie, Two, and Ingram, with Zephyr and Born trying unsuccessfully to keep the tempers down. Maddie flies away (taking the schema with her), and Ingram vents fury about Horster’s involvement with atacking us (despite the evidence that he pulled his own punches), with Two raising a peaceful counterpoint.

Eventually, the four of us depart West, to double back and head North so we can follow the lightning rail East to Vatherond. Horster is “allowed” to leave, in the opposite direction. We camp for the night, and divvy up treasure and repair.

Nymm (5)/5/998
We repair and rest another day. Still no Mayden. Born has a growing sad, wondering if his first real friend has abandoned him, and stolen his dream.

Born's Backlogged Bio

Walking Wounded -Part 2
3/15/14 – Dravago (4)/18/998

The unit decided to put the broken metal Schema in the copper tube, and secret the intact metal Schema in Maddie’s treasure chest. The broken stone Schema was put in Ingram’s Haversack. Maddie made poison caltrops to try and protect the entrances to some degree. Repairing the Titan was not possible, though, as its magical power drained when it was defeated. The plan: to turn in the copper tube to Nortlan, get travel papers to Zhilargo, and walk to the Library of Korranberg, where they would research Schema and try to figure out the function of these strange rods. Before leaving, the group voted to tell the newspaper that a disabled forge has been discovered (after delivering the copper tube to Nortlan).

As they left the main doors, Horster greeted them, decked out in a diver’s mask to protect him from the poisonous gas. He escorts us back to the Thieves’ Guild, where we meet Nortlan in a small room with bookcases.

We discovered we’re in a circle of truth, and can’t lie. We inadvertently reveal that we found the Schema, blowing our story. Nortlan lets us choose what he says, and we tell him to present the broken Schema as is. We leave, and search out someone from house Cannith who would be high ranking, and sympathetic to the Warforged.

We end up at the House Cannith tower, and Two presents the broken stone Schema to the Fabricator’s desk at the headquarters of House Cannith, as a tool to get us up to a higher authority. We’re sent to the office of Anna d’Cannith, a 30-something human. We present the broken stone Schema to her, and Two’s drawing of the old forge. She asked why we were there, and Two told her about us being hired to find the copper tube. She told us to wait in the room, and left.

In walked Renilda d’Cannith, who looked over the broken Schema. She left, and brought in Duron Ebanore – the lawful prick who fined me 1,000 G for having a forged letter of marque. I didn’t know!! Serves me right for not ratting out Nortlan.

We leave, after being fined, and pay the fine to officer Louis at guard tower 34. He said they were already taken care of by Anna d’Cannith. As we leave, Anna d’Cannith joins our party! Wait… what???

Walking Wounded
Dravago 4/18/998

So Anna d’Cannith has paid for our fines and is now part of the party…

After 3 hrs, Anna calls for camp, and we settle in for the night. Giant ants attack, trying to crush Ingram like a tin can. We fight them off, one by one, taking massive damage as we do. No one is hurt beyond repair, though. We move the camp, to avoid the huge holes the ants bored through around our old camp. Anna only grumbled an acknowledgement before moving out. Very complacent for a high ranking fleshie.

We made it to a town that didn’t like Warforged, but Anna was hungry, and got food at a local inn. Ingram was accosted by the tavern owner, and the town watch, who told him not to loiter, and basically leave town. Then, they attacked! Maddie threw a smoke bomb, and Born started retreating for the town border. A voice called out, male, but shakey, “stop! Stop all this!” and we consolidated in the town.

We left the town, made camp, and healed.

Walking Wounded
Dravago 4/19/998

After several more days, we’ve got another 2 days to Wroat. Along the Orien trail, a horse drawn cart moves South toward us, so we clear off the road to make room for it. He’s suspicious of us, but perks up when we ask what kinds of wares he offers. He doesn’t reveal what’s in the back of his cart, though. Says it’s too pricey for us. He offered to trade Maddie for a box of hers for a 10k dagger, and when she refused, offered to tell her what’s so special about the box for 50g… She paid him, and he said, “nothing,” laughed, introduced himself as Gregor, and left. Anna said she knew him (by reputation), and that he was a bad man.

A few hours later, we see a couple ogres ransacking an overturned cart. The horses were bludgeoned to death, but there’s no sign of the driver. We camp out South of them, waiting for them to be done so we can see if there’s any clues of ownership with the cart’s remains. Turns out, they stuffed the owner of the cart into a sack! We track them South, but lose the trail in a creek bed. Maddie flies ahead, trying to spot them before it’s too late. She spots a cave!

We head in, using cantripped stones to light the way. They notice, and two ogres, and an ettin rush us! We take them out, though not without cost. We searched the rest of the cave, and find who we think is the cart owner. He’s unconscious, but stable, so we search the rest of the cave. Found a pile of loot under a large rock, and some more in a pile of discarded, gnawed bones.

Maddie has merked!
Farewelll Maddie....

After the loss of Posey, we discovered a new Warforged who COULD be repaired. Once we healed (and gently restrained) her, Zephyr came to, clawing at us ferociously. Once calmed down we explain who we are, what has happened with the war and how she is ‘free’. Considering the amount of information we unloaded on her, she took it pretty well.

Zephyr consents to assist our party and we inform her of our plan. To go into the other room and kick butt! Well, maybe take a look around first, and hey! Zephyr can fly too!! She’s going to be my new buddy, Maddie has decided, and she is SO excited for this new addition to our little group. She does feel a little twinge of guilt for inviting this newly “freed” Warforge into our problems, the Schima, the guild… we really should tell her everything. But, can she be trusted? I’m sure she can! After all, she JUST woke up! The only thing she knows is what we have told her. I’m sure the group will tell her very soon. Ingrim is usually on top of things like that.

Zephyr and Maddie descend the large hole in the room, and to our surprise don’t get shot at by the statues (even though we took precautions, just in case). Once VERY far down, we discover a 50ft room with tapestries hanging from the walls in a room that seems to be used for a gathering of sorts. Examining the tapestries a little closer and there are depictions of an undead uprising, and then Zephyr sees one with humanoids in it, we discover they are Warforged, and the tapestry depicts US, and our dwellings here the last few days…..and our demise. But how? These tapestries are ancient, hundreds of years old maybe. There is some DARK magic at work here, and after our last encounter and losing Posey, Maddie is not willing to take any risks. She grabs Zephyr and we fly out of there as fast as her little wings would go. The party agrees, and we depart. No good can come of that. We have a more important mission to attend to anyway. They do try to take the crossbow off the statue with the magic missile, but it proves useless. We destroy the ‘magical’ water fountain outside (including my little vial of it). Just in case it was a scrying spell of some kind.

Shortly after stepping outside the grounds we are woefully greeted by Horster, who somehow keeps finding us. There may be a traitor in our midst. After demanding we hand over the Schima, and basically playing dumb to having anything for him he attacks us. But this time, we are ready. They hit hard, and there were unseen archers in the trees also attacking, Born goes down, twice! Maddie must save her friend!

We FINALLY prevail and just when Maddie felt like she could have a sigh of relief because we were finally free, cut ties with the guild, Two discovers that Horster isn’t quite dead yet. Leave him, she thinks, we are better off not having any loose ends, and that’s what he gets for attacking us. To her chagrin, they decide to revive him to answer some questions. I guess that makes sense, even though she’d have preferred to just move on. He tells us what he can it seems and the party is grateful for this choice. It would seem that Nortland used some very powerful clerics to find us, maybe she was a bit hasty on the traitor accusation. But then Two wants to heal him and set him up with a bunch of potions and equipment that WE can use. Does she not realize that this guy JUST attacked us? Who is to say that he won’t once he regains his strength! We are still weakened, we can’t take another attack right now. She must be out of her mind….or….maybe….in cahoots with him. Could she, she, love him? Is he controlling her? I really don’t like how she puts his interests above the party, us, he is a BAD influence and he needs to go. He should be grateful for his life alone since he tried to KILL us! Maddie tries to unsuccessfully hide her fury, and doubts about Two and Horster.

The party consents to give him some items, Two pushes for more, but Maddie pushes back. She seems to have amnesia of the attacks that just unraveled here, could he be charming her?

Two does her best to console the party and convinces us this is the right thing to do, Maddie feels a bit guilty about her doubts about Two and decides to TRY to do something nice. Maybe if she extends a helpful hand, she’ll see Horster the way Two does. So with her last heal of the day she walks over to the “prisoner”, takes a deep, calming breathe to assure herself this is the right thing to do, she kneels, and heals him. She stands….. and…… nothing. He isn’t even looking at her. Trying to maintain her calm, she says to him, “I think you owe us an apology…” he scoffs and makes fun of her! Ungrateful useless welp! Her cool facade instantly fades and now the rest of the party is holding her back from strangling him. No one even bothers to come to her defense, Born? Ingrim?…..Zephyr? Fine. She’ll try to walk it off. Who are these so called “friends”? She debates if maybe she should just leave the Schima and go.

Two asks to take some leather armor and we consent of course as long as it isn’t for Horster. But then, when Maddie is trying to cool off, she sees Two giving Horster armor! Betrayal!!! LIES!!! She JUST said, she wouldn’t (in reality, Two was giving him her old armor, but Maddie was blind with rage and did not see the difference). That’s it! He IS influencing her, I have to do something. Oh! I’ll put him to sleep, no harm, he’ll sleep it off with his pile of goodies and we can leave, he won’t know which way we went, and he’ll wake up in a few hours just fine. Do it quick before he notices! Maddie shoots him with one of her sleeping darts, it hits, but has no affect. But before she can even react, Two and Zephyr are breathing down her neck on her actions!

….It was a sleeping dart. He wouldn’t even have been hurt….

They aren’t listening, and Born, her one dependable friend couldn’t be more useless, just sitting in the corner, staying out of it. How could he abandon her, when she needed him, why is everyone turning against her? Who are these so called “friends”… maybe it’s her, maybe she doesn’t belong with them anyway. She doesn’t even want to go to the Mournlands, she just wants to protect her friends. Ha, “friends” they obviously don’t want her.

If Warforged could cry, her face would be streaming tears. If this is what the party has come to, I want no part of it, and without a moments hesitation she flies North. Create distance, maybe they’ll see it her way, see that she meant no harm, that she was looking out for the good of the party, see that Two is incredibly influenced by Horster somehow (more than any of us could influence her) and how she might be a traitor.

Maddie finds a distant tree, and sits in it and sobs without tears, she has never felt anything like this before. Tomorrow. Tomorrow she will return to the site and hope to reconcile with them after Horster leaves (and hopefully Two with him). In the morning she returns to the site, but everyone has gone. They’ve moved on, they obviously don’t care or want her. She makes her way back to Zilargo to hide out, delve into her books, ne’er to adventure again.

Maddie maintains that the Mournlands means malison
Maddie is scared!

So, we saved a farmer, that felt good. A little out of the way, but doing something good that is literally life-changing for someone always feels nice. This is what the softies feel right? Pride?

We made it into Rote safely. Upon arrival we saw a quadrant of the city with people dressed in masks and robes flitting about the city doing their business. Was everyone in Rote this way? And why? I motioned for Born to ask a nearby owner of a cart who informs him (who informs us) that this is a district tradition on this day for everyone to dress this way. A while back a high ranking nobleman was disturbed by the segregation of his district. So he set forth to make everyone equal for at least one day. Fascinating. I kind of love that idea. I wonder if they have robes in my size…

Shortly after we head to the house of Cannith to see whom we will be able to meet with. After a little deliberation Anna helps us get an appointment the next day with Dravot D’Cannith, the head of this particular branch of House Cannith. Anna was indeed correct, they were far more receptive here. I can only hope that she is leading us true as I was unable to read her thoughts.

After visiting the house we all parted ways for a bit to go about our own business. I, of course bee-lined for Mor’Grave Universities library. A little ‘light’ reading revealed nothing of note on Dravot D’Cannith (unfortunate) or Ancel (the twin brother to… you guessed it Jerkface Derrick Cannith!). I read on about the development and dealings of the House in Rote (again, typical facts, nothing juicy). I then took a little turn and read about the masked tradition in that one district. Much more intriguing stuff for certain! One year the rogues guild at the time (named Broken Trust) used the anonymity to attempt a major robbery at the House bank Kradav, {or something like that} they were foiled by one of their own! A gentleman named HornLon did not agree with the guild stance and turned them all in at the very last minute. He is now district mayor! Well at least good deeds are rewarded HERE.

Now that I think about it, Two did mention some suspicious acting masked characters in the district they were in (which was not the main district for the mask event)….hrmm. She also mentioned rumors about a Black Guard Paladin and they recruiting “monsters” like Warforged. Speak for yourself I say, I’m hardly a monster by any means! Or if I am, the smallest one, I’ve ever seen…monstrous temper maybe…

We all met up at a delightful little tea shop. I ordered the tea (that’s what you order in a tea house right?) I watched the other patrons and did as they do, sipping my tea ever so peacefully, last digit dangling lightly in the air. Unfortunate I suppose that we couldn’t stay there. But it was pretty expensive anyway. Never felt better though after we left! We did find an inn named the Fur & Leather not far from there. Had a bunch of oddball characters in it… like us too I guess. Fairly cozy though and big enough for Born (always a main concern).

The next morning we wake individually and head downstairs. Once re-grouped we are about to head out when several of us spot a cloaked figure staring at us. Had we seen them before? We hurry onto our early appointment with Dravot. It’s important to be respectful of his time/impress him if we want him to help us. He was wonderfully helpful actually, especially once we agreed to hand over the broken schima. After a long wait he returns to us to let us know that they were able to repair the schima and rewards us 1,000 platinum pieces. I don’t know that I have ever seen so much moola at one time! He did inform us too that the schima was utilized a LONG while ago to adhere ironwood to the frame of a Warforged. Anatomy is fascinating.

After out appointment Anna pretty much parted on her own way shortly after which was fine with me… she seemed too secretive for me. I wish her every good fortune in her new position in Rote.

To discuss our next plan of action, we head for another round of tea at our favorite little tea shop. A lot of argument about what to do with the remaining intact Schima. I propose we separate it as far as possible from the creation forges. No one else goes for THAT idea. Born is hell bent on making a baby, and Mr. and Mrs. soldier want to find a use for the key in the Mournlands. Great. Not great. I know nothing about that place aside from Born has told me. Why couldn’t we have left it with Dravot? He seemed trustworthy, informative and paid us WELL! Two seems off in her own world for some reason. Oh right, black cloak guy has been tailing us. Not completely unexpected, but not exactly welcome. Getting Two’s two cents, she sides with me more… not exactly thrilled about the idea of risking her life. All this talk is just making me more and more nervous. I can just… fly out… right? RIGHT? It’s not far….only 750 MILES?! We’re screwed.

We break up for a bit to do a tad more research before we solidify this seemingly ridiculous plan. We have no planned way out, way in, guide once we are there, no map, no compass, no protection from god knows what. Oh, that’s right. I DO! I read up on the Mournlands and Cyre a bit more. It’s TERRIFYING. I don’t want to go to that place. But where else do I go, I have an obligation to them, to my kind. I’m all for expanding the as Born so lovingly re-phrased it Peaceforged, but heading into the Mournlands seems like an awful lot of risk for very little reward. Surely we can hire an unscrupulous artificer to rebuild a creation forge for us. THAT CAN BE OUR NEW GOAL, work for hire, pay for the forge creation! No one on board again? Nope. Damn. Wellp, to certain death then (but not if I can help it).

On our way to the Fur & Leather we spot the the cloaked black guy. Posey glimpses something incredibly unexpected…. the figure that has been following us, is a DRAGON-MARKED WARFORGED. Dragonmarked?!!?! Yep. Dragonmarked. Maybe he is a hybrid species. Ohhhh, how I want to pick his brain now! Assuming he means us no ill will of course.

We check in (no cloaked figure to be seen this time) but there IS someone else waiting for us… the rogue gnome from our last job. Nortlands lackey, ye he is here. ‘Gently’ threatening us to give him the intact schima. I refrain from gesturing to my chest in case he glances my way. He leaves, and leaves us with the “bent” schima… apparently this is not what his client was after. Well now we have two. That’s convenient I suppose. Maybe we can give it to Dravot. But exactly what does one say….“Hi! Found another super rare artifact lying around! Will you give us more platinum (to build our own forge?)” Before I can even finish that thought, we are all decided to leave the city, through an adjacent room window…TONIGHT.

Posey is Perturbed
What we found in Wroat

All comments within are Posey’s thoughts only, not her players

Finally we’ve made it to Wroat. This group is very inefficient when needing to get somewhere. I understand the desire to help people, but this is information that could threaten the lives of everyone in the 5 Kingdoms if we dally.

The farmer was helpful, and I’m glad I could help his family discreetly. I hope the amount of gold I left on his mantle was sufficient enough to purchase new horses.

Anna seems nice enough, though I dont trust her entirely.

I’m glad we’ve had time to sell our adventuring spoils. I really don’t like keeping so much gold on my person. I prefer only traveling with the necessities. I think that the group’s decision to purchase an eternal wand was a good one, even if it wiped out our group fund. I added 50platinum of my own money to it in case of emergencies.

While everyone went about their business in Wroat, I found the lower class districts looking for people who were struggling. I changed my other 50plat into smaller coins and spent the afternoon distributing some of that wealth to the unfortunate. No one needs to have that much money on them. If I am fortunate enough to have freedom, I should use it to better the lives of others.

There is a strange dragon marked Warforge following us, I wish I had time to speak with him.

After meeting with House Cannith and being discovered by Nortland’s people, I am anxious to get moving toward the Mournland. It seems the only logical solution even though it is dangerous. Frankly, I wouldn’t blame anyone for not wishing to go, but their lives are their own, and I will go with or without them. I do not fear my demise.

Maddie Mulls Over the Magnitude
Creation forge! Now what?

Yup! It’s a creation forge alright. I’m not dreaming. This is, SO incredible. I want to touch it, play with it, see how we were made, how they chose which model to make, SO MANY QUESTIONS!

I contain my excitement long enough to search the adjacent rooms… quickly. Some gold and interesting trinkets for certain but nothing so amazing as in the Schima’s (yes as in more than one!) I found after doing a last thought detect hidden doors spell. In the floor of one of the rooms was a beautifully inscribed copper cylindrical container. It had a seam, but no one that handled it could figure out how to open it. It wasn’t, in fact * giggle * until someone mentioned that Derrick guy to which I made the apparently appropriate (for once!) snarky remark of, “Jerkface D’Cannith” and just like magic, the cylinder opened to the word “Cannith”! SO COOL and clever.

Well, after all of these rather amazing discoveries we discovered a serious conundrum. What do we do with it now? I am not entirely sure I am ok handing this over to a non-warforged/creator let alone Nortland (who knows who HE’S going to give it too? Another Derrick?). I just don’t trust that guy! He’s too slick for his own good. Maybe that’s how all rogues are… but just mehhh, I don’t like it. I think that if Two says he is trustworthy, I am willing to handover a broken one but at her great risk of our invested trust in her. Were I in her shoes, I wouldn’t endorse someone that easily. Hey, I barely would endorse anyone in our current party save Born. It’s a HUGE risk.

What could it mean for our kind? What do they intend to do with it? Will they even share that information with us? What if the creation forge can be reverse engineered to destroy all Warforged?! Nortland knows it’s here, obviously. Are we sure we want him or his client getting the keys? I want more info. I’d rather trek back up, tell him we found it, and then go back in to retrieve it once he’s informed us better. That’s assuming we can even get back in once we leave. Maybe we can set it up in a way we can…

I am definitely NOT ok leaving them (the Schima) here to rot/dust. We are here for some greater purpose and we are unfortunately tasked with making possibly the hardest decision of our lives. Do all humanoids deal with such conflicted decisions as these? If only there was someone we knew, trustworthy and a Warforged who would understand our plight or at the very least a Creator. Someone who has used the creation forges before and can advise us.

The two still semi brainwashed soldiers of the group give me the feeling that they don’t want anything to do with the Schima as it could mean more warfare. Born seems as excited as I, and although hasn’t said much… I know his goal. =) Two, is hard to read but I can only see that she is as conflicted as I. I just hope she might have a trustworthy connection with Nortland or beyond that might help us resolve this.

For now, rest. Plan. Strategize. Tomorrow is another day.

Born's Beheld a Beautiful Baby Bakery


…Is a creation forge!

Ingrim wanted to turn on the gas again, just in case. The group searched the forge room, which is largely covered in dust with scattered, useless remnants of tools. Two jammed the levers to force the gas on. They also found lots of traps on doors leading to adjacent rooms. Some treasure had been left behind, too. Including a couple broken Schema. And, the Schema they went there to find! It was in a hidden seventh compartment on the floor of one of the rooms. Inside the ornately crafted tube (opened when “Cannith” was said!) was a Schema, radiating intense magic. They decided… to not decide anything just yet, and take a night to rest, repair, and mull things over.

Mad Maddie's Musings in Sharn
Personal Adventure Log for Mayden 1

DAY 1:
So they sent me on an airship! It was fun and I got to spend more time with Born which is always a pleasure. Now that I am here, I don’t know that I really want to go back. They obviously don’t want me. Until I can find someone of enough worth and merit that they will listen to, I have have no cause to return for now. I should however, probably find some kind of work to keep these hands from being dangerously idle.

Shortly upon arriving in Sharn, Born and I saw a poster for a Warforged Protest…. AGAINST the Warforged! Whoever heard of such a crazy thing? Anyway, when I examined the poster something intriguing caught my eye. The poster was made with an unusual shade of RED ink. Red ink is a bit strange for a poster, so I took some time testing it while we mulled over what to do next at Mor’grave University. I discovered that the ink was made of Chromide, a fairly well known red dye used in clothing. During that time we had bumped into another Warforged. A commanding, shiny, spiky looking guy who didn’t seem to fully realize that his duties for the war were over. He wanted us to go with him to the Commons for the protest. While I was definitely interested in the protest… I thought that the lead I had on the ink would lead to more invaluable answers so I skipped it. Born, being the loyal friend he is, accompanied me. I found a little clothier shop in the lower levels and made my way down there. Apparently they DID have a shipment of Chromide stolen 2 weeks ago. AHA! There is always a thief behind mischievous deeds.

I rushed back to the square (where we agreed to meet back up with Spiky) to tell my new companion of this new information when all over I hear murmurs of hundreds of people dieing from an explosion, and towers crumbling in the Commons. A few levels up and that was easily debunked as the towers were still standing. People DID die however, about 30 (WF and breather’s alike) and for apparently no reason other than some guy named Derrik was making a point against the Warforged. Sounds like a class A jerk to me. I doubt anyone will miss HIM. The deaths of the others however was indeed tragic. Our new companion Spike-something-or-another had made a few more acquaintances while we were gone. He does seem to have a natural habit of inspiring people… A lovely scout Warforged (like me!) named Two and an anxious soldier type (albeit creepy) druid named Posey. I also made a new friend, an officer on the scene named Lewie… er, ahem Officer Lewis. He let me examine the hole that this apparent “explosion” made. It was NOT an explosive… I was sure of that! But, it did leave an odd signature behind.

After some expert sleuthing on our new groups part, Two discovers the place where we can find said thief! Now I am excited to finally battle and get to blow something up. Except we get there and there is no fight! Boo. They detain, intimidate and interrogate thiefy until he tells us more about the Chromide job. Ingrim (aka: Spike) intimidates him into giving up his ring of featherfall as a token of “good will”. I was excited to see a ring of featherfall (hoping I might be able to use it) until Born and Two made an excellent point about it being unjust of us to be stooping down to steal anything. Born, Two and I decided to return the ring to this Devent guy ASAP and try to right this little wrong. However, it was too late. Mr. Angrypants had already gone off to try to gather a posse to kill us. Ingrim and Posey were in danger! Arriving right after the battle, they were both looking pretty beat up, but thankfully alive. Except, there was this odd THIRD being. I was horrified to find out WHY Posey was so incredibly freaky. She DE-BONES people! She ripped the skeleton out of people and manipulates it. Talk about disgusting! Yucky yuck and ew ew ewwww! SO wrong! But Posey took a minute to explain that not only was her life in danger, but that she only does it to people who have already died, simply re-purposing them. Well, she WAS safe and that was worth it. She then animated the other corpse into a zombie to be our personal minion. Admittedly it is handy, but OH SO gross. This will definitely take some getting used to. We walked “them” down into the sewer, tieing up the loose ends.

Afterwards we headed over to a local inn to rest and discuss our next plan of action. Into the secret thieves guild! OooOoh goody, this will be a really fun fight!


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