The Walking Wounded

Born's Been Baby Blocked

I haven’t edited this, so things may be a bit jumbled at times. Also, a bit rushed at the end (play more, phone less).

Walking Wounded
Dravago 4/11/998

It all began in Sharn. Well, continued there, anyway. Born was accompanying Maddie to Morgrave University. She was delivering a package from the Library of Korranberg, and they were both offered an airship ride to Sharn.

Born suddenly saw another adamantine-clad Warforged, decked out in Cyrian regalia, hoisting a fierce spiked shield. Maddie was in the middle of researching some protest posters for an anti-Warforged demonstration, and Born scooped her up and took her over to meet him.

Born and Maddie went to gather info, but Born left early to go meet Ingram at the protest. Once there, the “protest” ended up being one guy named Derrick ir’Tarrn who teleported in, got the crowd a bit riled up, and then took everyone in a 10’ radius with him into nothingness. If it weren’t for Ingram trying to diffuse the situation, there would have been a lot more people taken with him. Guards showed up and took notes.

Born invited Ingram back to meet with Maddie, and then Ingram invited Two and Posie as well. We all met up and made introductions, then headed to the Bronze Cloth to inspect the crate of chromite that had been broken into. Two inspected the lock, and found it had been picked recently with masterwork thieves’ tools. We relayed this info to Officer Louis Garrett, who is stationed at guard tower #34 of the commons tower district, then decided to split up. Ingram and Posie stayed and gather info around the commons, and Two, Maddie and Born went back to the Bronze Cloth.

Dravago 4/11/998

Maddie found out The Bronze Cloth had only been broken into once. Two and Born stayed outside. Ingram and Posie had no further luck finding any more info.

Two managed to find and hire a Thieves’ Guild member (Will Gold) for info on who picked the lock. Needing to wait until the next morning, the five went to the Arcane Horn. An eventful night of Go Fish and liquid tasting ensued.


Will Gold showed up at the Arcane Horn, and let us know we’re looking for Devent the Lackey, a Half Orc mercenary for hire who was working for the guild. He can be found around the 3rd pier at the docks around 3 every day.

Devent was uncooperative, so they restrained him. Posie intimidated him into spilling the job details. He had been hired by Derrick ir’Tarrn, who was part of a secret rogues’ guild in the Cogs. The route was given as well, and the name of the contact who took the delivery, Nortlan Dawntracker.

Ingram also took a ring of feather fall from Devent, to punish him for being a thief. They all went down to the Bronze Cloth, and Ingram gave the shop keep 20g to cover her losses from the theft of the chromite. Two confronted Ingram about returning the ring (echoing Born havering done so earlier), and threatened to leave the group. Ingram, in the interest of unit cohesion, gave in and agreed that the ring could be returned. Two, Born, and Maddie went back up to the docks to find Devent, only to learn he had already gathered a posse to go down to the lower levels (presumably to confront the unit). Meanwhile, Ingram and Posie stayed to find the entrance of the sewer path to the Cogs. A little while later, Devent and two goons (a rogue and a barbarian) appeared near the Bronze Cloth to confront the unit, and were pleased that the other three weren’t there. Devent and the rogue scattered, and the barbarian charged Ingram to take the first swing; right into Ingram’s shield. Moments later, the fight was over. Devent was dead, and the barbarian’s skeleton was helping schlep the bodies deep down an alley. The other rogue managed to get away, vanishing around a corner in panicked haste.

When the unit reformed, they decided to use the zombie and the skeleton – no, just the zombie – to bring the corpses into the sewers for “proper” disposal. At the end of the sewer trek, we descend a ladder to the Cogs. After a trek toward to secret rogues’ guild, the path was blocked by a Huge acid-spitting Slug! Born was rendered unconscious, but quickly revived and repaired by Maddie and Two. They finally dispatched the beast, and found a safe place to rest and repair.


Ten hours later, the unit continued on, and made it to the entrance. After some dialogue with the guards, Two was allowed entrance to speak with Nortlan Dawntracker… alone.

After a sketchy, too-long wait, Two came back out, via a secret door. They left together along a different path, towards the Fireside Quill – the place where the ink was delivered after Nortlan made it from the chromite. Ingram and Posie stayed outside, and the others went in to talk to Adwar the Gnome for info.

Crufis the Dwarven Bard is who picked up the flyers from Adwar, and he and his crew distributed the flyers around Sharn. He can be found at Crazy Lords Rye and Hops, so the unit heads there. After ordering a round of ales, Crufis loudly and boastfully bursts through the door, singing and playing his lute. Some time later, once Crufis had sung, drank, and made his rounds, he stopped at the unit’s table to talk. Well, slur. Turns out he distributed the flyers to repay a favor to Derrick. Apparently, there was a high-falutin’ party at Derrick’s house at the top of the noble district’s tower, and Crufis killed Derrick’s cat.

At the party, there were a number of nobles from house Tarrn, Lantar, and even Baron Zorlan d’Cannith, head of House Cannith for the East of Khorvair.

They went to the Iron Lodge, an inn with rooms large enough for them to talk privately. They decided to spend the next few days researching different things, trying to find leads. They agree to meet at the Iron Lodge every evening at 8 to compare notes.


Uneventful day of researching for Ingram and Born. That night at 8, they meet, and share the lack of new info. A couple hours later, Two came back, with an offer of a job from Nortlan: to seek an item for his client, in the deep Cogs. It’s in an area filled with poisonous gas, and a creature in the gas. In return, they will be shown a rare sight, that most Warforged will never see, all treasure they find besides the item, and also a personal favor from him. In addition, they’ll be paid even if they fail. They decide to do another day of research, and decide at the next meeting.


No further leads, but Born met a Warforged Artificer named Orpin Siegemaker, who is going to get Born in touch with a softie Cannith member who worked with Schema. Born will meet with Orpin the next day. Hopefully, they’ll be able to help Born create a Docent Dong.

No other info, and they decided to delay Nortlan for another day.


Orpin said he could get Born in touch with someone local, but it may take some time.

No other info was gained, and they met to vote. Barely a minute after we agreed to go, Nortland himself appeared at our hotel room door. He gave us 500g, and the promise of another 500g when we return to him.


The next day, after getting the gold from Nortlan, the unit heads out to the Cogs.

Beyond the door with the scratched off “warning … machine … magic … death”, is all full of a poisonous gas. Burnt Othur causes permanent CON drain. There is a huge chamber, with rust monsters! They hurt… a lot. The unit finds the brood den full of eggs, and Warforged corpses stuck to the wall to nourish them. After freeing the bodies, they take rubbings of their Ghulra, and set fire to the chamber.

The next area opens wide, with stairs leading down into dirty water, and slightly less gas concentration. In the water, a Large monstrous lobster almost takes Born and Maddie out, but Posie’s Divine Trident freed Ingram from its grasp long enough for the killing blow.

They rest and repair.


Heading on past the lobster pond, back up some stairs and down another 60’ wide hall with six stoned-over hallways, there was a larger open room, with more dense gas, and warmer, too. Behind a massive 20’ wide door

Posey's Ponderings
First weekend session log - all thoughts are Posey's not Tessa's!

I hate the city. I hate everything about it. It’s stuffy, I can’t breathe and worst of all, now I’m stuck here because I’m broke.

I wandered the city to find Anti-Warforged posters littering the bulletin boards absolutely everywhere. Some sort of protest was going to happen at The Commons. I wasn’t going to attend, however, an excellent point was made by another Warforged. If we do not attend to speak for ourselves, then who will?

I attended the protest reluctantly. The counter protest seemed to have a fair amount of people in attendance, however, no one seemed to be there for the Anti Warforged contingency. Suddenly, Derrik ir’Tarrn showed up and starting instigating an argument. He claimed he was the solution to the “Warforged Problem” and promptlty disappeared taking 35 people with him. We can only assume they are all dead.

I met Ingrim, Born, Mayden, and Two and together we began to suss out what was really going on. Mayden identified a certain type of ink that was used on the flyers that were posted, which led us on a merry chase through the cogs.

The kromide ink had been made from a stolen shipment of kromide to a shop called the Bronze Cloth. From there Two was able to lead us to the thief, Devent the Lackey. Devent was less than… forthcoming with information. I spoke to him at length, finally getting the answers we sought, and then let him go. Ingrim was thoughtful, and asked for Devent’s ring of feather fall as a token of good will that we would let him go with his life, and that Devent would not act against us as we ventured to the thieves guild where he had delivered the kromide.

You can’t trust a thief. A few hours later, Ingrim and I were caught by Devent and a few of his friends. We conquered them of course. Mayden, Born, and Two had left to go return the ring to Devent, not thinking that it was a fair request.

We all ventured to the thieves guild together, and with some quick thinking and extremely skilled people. (Two is incredibly skilled for a scout!) and some very close calls we found our way to the secret thieves guild.

Two was invaluable. Not only was she able to get herself into see our contact, Nortlan Dawncatcher, she was able to negotiate more information, and another lead!

I worry about Mayden’s impulsiveness. She doesn’t do well with doing nothing, and frankly, when she gets an idea, she acts before thinking things through. I hope she can learn to speak then act and not vise versa.

Our contact in the thieves guild led us to the Fireside Quill, where Two, Born, and Mayden were able to find the name of the person who distributed the flyers. And once again we were on the move.

We stopped in at The Crazy Lords Rye and Hops, and waited for a dwarf bard. I stood watch at the back door when the drunken loon came in. I’ll leave the diplomacy to Two and Mayden.

After the dwarf left, we went and procured a room at an inn that catered to large creatures to discuss what we had learned from the dwarf. The news left me cold. The Baron East of house Cannith had met with Derrik, along with members of Houses Tarrn and Lantar, and I believe he is behind this plot. My mind is reeling with the possibilities. Secret forges, treason, kidnapping. None of them able to be proved, none of them that could be spoken of.

Ingrim called us a unit, and it fills me with pride to once again be functioning with a purpose. I spent the last 3 days researching the names of the dead with no luck. I can’t seem to find anything about whether the people who died/were kidnapped had any connection.

Mayden fortunately discovered that the Baron East’s trip here to see Derrik was unannounced, lasted only for a day, and the Baron left the next morning.

In the mean time we have been offered a job by Nortlan in the exchange of a favor, gold, treasure, and a sight. I am apprehensive, but willing to follow my commander as he leads.

Maddie's backstory
Mayden's backstory

Full Name: Mayden Korran Chemised (Madie)

Like all Warforged, Mayden (then known as B17-17) was built for war. She was built in one of the now dismantled creation forges of Thrane as one of their many masses of fleets heavily utilized during the Last War. The Thrane creationists had constructed a new concept to maximize damage potential. They utilized the smaller more compact form of the Scout design and built in via immersion training an extensive knowledge of Alchemy. These smaller units were able to be transported in bulk. Utilizing their bomb, poison, splash damage and potion expertise they made a formidable opponent from short distances. These Warforged were shipped to the front line and were usually released into the middle of enemy encampments (when possible ).

During one of the transit transfers to the front lines 1 of the squad shipments went missing having been “stolen” and shipped to assist in the Aundair war efforts instead. This was apparently done by an anonymous wealthy political patron of Aundair. Having arrived and given new instruction, B17-17 was sent to the front lines of Aundair to become their first division B-17, bombardier tier.

She had been built with an innate curiosity for pyrotechnics, explosions and all things flammable. So when the war was over she found work among the southern reaches of Zilargo with the Gnomes at The Library of Korranberg. There, she assisted in expanding their research in the field of alchemy and it’s logistical use on the battlefield. B17-17 had always found herself fascinated with energy of all kinds, so she often used this opportunity to learn about additional energy types. Always a zealous student, she just knew that she would find her true purpose through educating herself at one of their elite colleges. However, after 2 years of free hard work she was informed that the colleges would not currently accept one of “her kind”. Heart broken, discouraged, and confused she set out to find someone who could help convince the collegiate Deans to change the rules… not just for her, but all of her kind. Warforged are such an untapped source of knowledge, that it was simply illogical to not utilize their nearly infinite memories.


“Breathers”: She is neutral towards humans and other humanoids. She has had just about as much negative interactions with them as positive ones.
She felt fortunate that the Gnomes treated her well to indifferent which is about the most she could have hoped for. Being lovers of all magic, many there greeted her mild obsession with energy with open minds. In many ways they improved her both physically and mentally. They urged her to take a name, she selected the name Mayden Zilargo Chemised identifying most with Zilargo as her “home”. Unfortunately, as soon as she felt the warmth of some acceptance she found out she was rejected, dejected. Brutally discovering the layers of deceit commonly found in many humanoid types.

Personality: Mayden only really believes in no regrets. Sure, she was built as an instrument of war… but she’s here now and happier for it and making the best of a seemingly bad situation. She’s a bit wild, impulsive, eccentric and eternally optimistic.

Habits: Sometimes in the darkest hours of the night she’ll create the smallest little spark of electricity and for hours just sit, stare and play with it. Similar to how you would expect a cat to act playing with a mouse or piece of string.

Appearance: She is made mostly of black wrought iron and a hard cherry wood with glowing blue eyes. She weighs 70 pounds, measures 3"1", her mostly featureless face is surrounded by clumps of frazzled wires. It appears that she is constant smiling from her mouth design. She looks a bit unusual covered in bottles wherever she can fit them. She wears a belt that attaches on both sides of her thigh. Tied to her belt, straps, boots and cloak are nearly every potion you could imagine in a plethora of colors. Her belt, and cloak with built in pockets are particularly brimming with potions, vials and the like.

War Born's background
The Fall of Cyre

War Born was in Cyre when the mist came. Mid-battle. All the softies went insane; most stopped fighting, staggering off into the mist as it grew more and more dense. Some of them were killed by swift, multicolored, prowling shapes, glowing ominously, brightly. They would shine through even the densest mist, like beautiful, deadly searchlights. The sounds the shapes made were foreign, but violently animalistic. The sounds the softies made, though, was the same as when they were killed by other softies; dying is dying. Yet other soft bodies he found appeared to have died by their own hands, driven mad by the oppressive gloom.

Born wandered through this somber alien landscape of mist and dread. War is one thing — this was a cataclysm. He kept walking, avoiding any roving lights, and eventually staggered out into the sunlight. He was nearly blinded by the intensity of the clear blue sky, and stumbled to the ground. When he had warmed in the sun for some time, he opened his eyes again. The first thing he saw was a flower. Its petals were the most vibrant, beautiful thing he had ever seen. He stared at that flower for hours, marveling at his fortune to have made it out of the mist. It had all seemed so hopeless… But that was over now. He walked away from the giant wall of mist, wondering just how far it went, anyway?

In much better spirits, he walked and loped along until he found enough water to bathe with. He took his time, cleaning off the stains of battle and counting his scars. Every critical hit he’s taken has scarred him permanently. A jagged gouge along his shoulder, dented metal plates on torso, legs, and arms, a couple small chunks taken out of his hands. Fourteen… fifteen. Good, he thought, there’s a new one. A nice deep furrow in his thigh to commemorate surviving the mist. He is proud of each of them, proof that he can endure.

Before long, Born knew he was on Brelish land. He had removed his Cyrian markings, and replaced them with armbands from light blue fabric taken from an abandoned supply cart near the misty border. Better to be captured than go back into to the mist, and wearing their colors may buy him time if nothing else. Eventually, he was found by a Brelish patrol, some days West. They were so eager to talk about The Fall of Cyre, that they bought Born’s hasty story about being the last of his Brelish party. They took him with, back to their camp, all too eager to have the help. He was eventually found out, as it’s hard to hide when you’re a Charger; there’s only so many ever made. But by then, he had proven useful and loyal, and wasn’t imprisoned for long. Far too valuable an asset out in the field, after all. Born was shipped back to the front, on the side of Breland, one year before The Peace.

How I learned to stop worrying and love the warforged

Placeholder for the first session information and log


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