Intelligent & curious Artificer learning to live after the war



HCC421 stands 5’10" tall, with an attractive, clean, but basic Warforged build. She is a little slimmer than average (not needing the bulk to perform her duties), and very intelligent. Her eyes are amber, and she has little adornment to her body. She dresses in a clean tunic, her armor being her bracers and her ring. She has recently purchased a mithral shield. She is often seen with paper and pen in hand, making notes.


HCC421, often known as CC, was made in House Cannith in the Cyre Forge. She was created to assist with maintenance and operation of the Forge. The war ended, and part of the Treaty included the release of the existing Warforged from their bonds, and their recognition as citizens of the world, along with the rights that all recognized citizens are granted. This release came with a price, however: the Forges were to be permanently shut down. While CC is quite thankful for her freedom (she never truly understood how sentient beings who did not support slavery were accepting of the enslavement of an entire race of obviously sentient beings just because they created them. She figures it was due to the pressures of war).
Finding herself free and without employ as the work she was created to do no longer existed, CC took to traveling. She began detailing maps of where she had been, and comparing them to already created maps when she could find them to help her improve her skills. What started as a hobby to help keep her mind occupied became a craft as she found people were both wanting and needing updated maps. The war had changed many things, and while major trade routes and towns were (usually) still there, a great many small towns, hamlets and the like, along with roads to them, had changed. Some didn’t even exist anymore. Current cartography noting these changes were crucial to local people. So began a new trade.


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