The Walking Wounded

Posey is Perturbed

What we found in Wroat

All comments within are Posey’s thoughts only, not her players

Finally we’ve made it to Wroat. This group is very inefficient when needing to get somewhere. I understand the desire to help people, but this is information that could threaten the lives of everyone in the 5 Kingdoms if we dally.

The farmer was helpful, and I’m glad I could help his family discreetly. I hope the amount of gold I left on his mantle was sufficient enough to purchase new horses.

Anna seems nice enough, though I dont trust her entirely.

I’m glad we’ve had time to sell our adventuring spoils. I really don’t like keeping so much gold on my person. I prefer only traveling with the necessities. I think that the group’s decision to purchase an eternal wand was a good one, even if it wiped out our group fund. I added 50platinum of my own money to it in case of emergencies.

While everyone went about their business in Wroat, I found the lower class districts looking for people who were struggling. I changed my other 50plat into smaller coins and spent the afternoon distributing some of that wealth to the unfortunate. No one needs to have that much money on them. If I am fortunate enough to have freedom, I should use it to better the lives of others.

There is a strange dragon marked Warforge following us, I wish I had time to speak with him.

After meeting with House Cannith and being discovered by Nortland’s people, I am anxious to get moving toward the Mournland. It seems the only logical solution even though it is dangerous. Frankly, I wouldn’t blame anyone for not wishing to go, but their lives are their own, and I will go with or without them. I do not fear my demise.


Lokibryce Vikingslady

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