The Walking Wounded

Maddie Mulls Over the Magnitude

Creation forge! Now what?

Yup! It’s a creation forge alright. I’m not dreaming. This is, SO incredible. I want to touch it, play with it, see how we were made, how they chose which model to make, SO MANY QUESTIONS!

I contain my excitement long enough to search the adjacent rooms… quickly. Some gold and interesting trinkets for certain but nothing so amazing as in the Schima’s (yes as in more than one!) I found after doing a last thought detect hidden doors spell. In the floor of one of the rooms was a beautifully inscribed copper cylindrical container. It had a seam, but no one that handled it could figure out how to open it. It wasn’t, in fact * giggle * until someone mentioned that Derrick guy to which I made the apparently appropriate (for once!) snarky remark of, “Jerkface D’Cannith” and just like magic, the cylinder opened to the word “Cannith”! SO COOL and clever.

Well, after all of these rather amazing discoveries we discovered a serious conundrum. What do we do with it now? I am not entirely sure I am ok handing this over to a non-warforged/creator let alone Nortland (who knows who HE’S going to give it too? Another Derrick?). I just don’t trust that guy! He’s too slick for his own good. Maybe that’s how all rogues are… but just mehhh, I don’t like it. I think that if Two says he is trustworthy, I am willing to handover a broken one but at her great risk of our invested trust in her. Were I in her shoes, I wouldn’t endorse someone that easily. Hey, I barely would endorse anyone in our current party save Born. It’s a HUGE risk.

What could it mean for our kind? What do they intend to do with it? Will they even share that information with us? What if the creation forge can be reverse engineered to destroy all Warforged?! Nortland knows it’s here, obviously. Are we sure we want him or his client getting the keys? I want more info. I’d rather trek back up, tell him we found it, and then go back in to retrieve it once he’s informed us better. That’s assuming we can even get back in once we leave. Maybe we can set it up in a way we can…

I am definitely NOT ok leaving them (the Schima) here to rot/dust. We are here for some greater purpose and we are unfortunately tasked with making possibly the hardest decision of our lives. Do all humanoids deal with such conflicted decisions as these? If only there was someone we knew, trustworthy and a Warforged who would understand our plight or at the very least a Creator. Someone who has used the creation forges before and can advise us.

The two still semi brainwashed soldiers of the group give me the feeling that they don’t want anything to do with the Schima as it could mean more warfare. Born seems as excited as I, and although hasn’t said much… I know his goal. =) Two, is hard to read but I can only see that she is as conflicted as I. I just hope she might have a trustworthy connection with Nortland or beyond that might help us resolve this.

For now, rest. Plan. Strategize. Tomorrow is another day.


Lokibryce Bee

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