The Walking Wounded

Maddie maintains that the Mournlands means malison

Maddie is scared!

So, we saved a farmer, that felt good. A little out of the way, but doing something good that is literally life-changing for someone always feels nice. This is what the softies feel right? Pride?

We made it into Rote safely. Upon arrival we saw a quadrant of the city with people dressed in masks and robes flitting about the city doing their business. Was everyone in Rote this way? And why? I motioned for Born to ask a nearby owner of a cart who informs him (who informs us) that this is a district tradition on this day for everyone to dress this way. A while back a high ranking nobleman was disturbed by the segregation of his district. So he set forth to make everyone equal for at least one day. Fascinating. I kind of love that idea. I wonder if they have robes in my size…

Shortly after we head to the house of Cannith to see whom we will be able to meet with. After a little deliberation Anna helps us get an appointment the next day with Dravot D’Cannith, the head of this particular branch of House Cannith. Anna was indeed correct, they were far more receptive here. I can only hope that she is leading us true as I was unable to read her thoughts.

After visiting the house we all parted ways for a bit to go about our own business. I, of course bee-lined for Mor’Grave Universities library. A little ‘light’ reading revealed nothing of note on Dravot D’Cannith (unfortunate) or Ancel (the twin brother to… you guessed it Jerkface Derrick Cannith!). I read on about the development and dealings of the House in Rote (again, typical facts, nothing juicy). I then took a little turn and read about the masked tradition in that one district. Much more intriguing stuff for certain! One year the rogues guild at the time (named Broken Trust) used the anonymity to attempt a major robbery at the House bank Kradav, {or something like that} they were foiled by one of their own! A gentleman named HornLon did not agree with the guild stance and turned them all in at the very last minute. He is now district mayor! Well at least good deeds are rewarded HERE.

Now that I think about it, Two did mention some suspicious acting masked characters in the district they were in (which was not the main district for the mask event)….hrmm. She also mentioned rumors about a Black Guard Paladin and they recruiting “monsters” like Warforged. Speak for yourself I say, I’m hardly a monster by any means! Or if I am, the smallest one, I’ve ever seen…monstrous temper maybe…

We all met up at a delightful little tea shop. I ordered the tea (that’s what you order in a tea house right?) I watched the other patrons and did as they do, sipping my tea ever so peacefully, last digit dangling lightly in the air. Unfortunate I suppose that we couldn’t stay there. But it was pretty expensive anyway. Never felt better though after we left! We did find an inn named the Fur & Leather not far from there. Had a bunch of oddball characters in it… like us too I guess. Fairly cozy though and big enough for Born (always a main concern).

The next morning we wake individually and head downstairs. Once re-grouped we are about to head out when several of us spot a cloaked figure staring at us. Had we seen them before? We hurry onto our early appointment with Dravot. It’s important to be respectful of his time/impress him if we want him to help us. He was wonderfully helpful actually, especially once we agreed to hand over the broken schima. After a long wait he returns to us to let us know that they were able to repair the schima and rewards us 1,000 platinum pieces. I don’t know that I have ever seen so much moola at one time! He did inform us too that the schima was utilized a LONG while ago to adhere ironwood to the frame of a Warforged. Anatomy is fascinating.

After out appointment Anna pretty much parted on her own way shortly after which was fine with me… she seemed too secretive for me. I wish her every good fortune in her new position in Rote.

To discuss our next plan of action, we head for another round of tea at our favorite little tea shop. A lot of argument about what to do with the remaining intact Schima. I propose we separate it as far as possible from the creation forges. No one else goes for THAT idea. Born is hell bent on making a baby, and Mr. and Mrs. soldier want to find a use for the key in the Mournlands. Great. Not great. I know nothing about that place aside from Born has told me. Why couldn’t we have left it with Dravot? He seemed trustworthy, informative and paid us WELL! Two seems off in her own world for some reason. Oh right, black cloak guy has been tailing us. Not completely unexpected, but not exactly welcome. Getting Two’s two cents, she sides with me more… not exactly thrilled about the idea of risking her life. All this talk is just making me more and more nervous. I can just… fly out… right? RIGHT? It’s not far….only 750 MILES?! We’re screwed.

We break up for a bit to do a tad more research before we solidify this seemingly ridiculous plan. We have no planned way out, way in, guide once we are there, no map, no compass, no protection from god knows what. Oh, that’s right. I DO! I read up on the Mournlands and Cyre a bit more. It’s TERRIFYING. I don’t want to go to that place. But where else do I go, I have an obligation to them, to my kind. I’m all for expanding the as Born so lovingly re-phrased it Peaceforged, but heading into the Mournlands seems like an awful lot of risk for very little reward. Surely we can hire an unscrupulous artificer to rebuild a creation forge for us. THAT CAN BE OUR NEW GOAL, work for hire, pay for the forge creation! No one on board again? Nope. Damn. Wellp, to certain death then (but not if I can help it).

On our way to the Fur & Leather we spot the the cloaked black guy. Posey glimpses something incredibly unexpected…. the figure that has been following us, is a DRAGON-MARKED WARFORGED. Dragonmarked?!!?! Yep. Dragonmarked. Maybe he is a hybrid species. Ohhhh, how I want to pick his brain now! Assuming he means us no ill will of course.

We check in (no cloaked figure to be seen this time) but there IS someone else waiting for us… the rogue gnome from our last job. Nortlands lackey, ye he is here. ‘Gently’ threatening us to give him the intact schima. I refrain from gesturing to my chest in case he glances my way. He leaves, and leaves us with the “bent” schima… apparently this is not what his client was after. Well now we have two. That’s convenient I suppose. Maybe we can give it to Dravot. But exactly what does one say….“Hi! Found another super rare artifact lying around! Will you give us more platinum (to build our own forge?)” Before I can even finish that thought, we are all decided to leave the city, through an adjacent room window…TONIGHT.


Lokibryce Bee

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