The Walking Wounded

Maddie has merked!

Farewelll Maddie....

After the loss of Posey, we discovered a new Warforged who COULD be repaired. Once we healed (and gently restrained) her, Zephyr came to, clawing at us ferociously. Once calmed down we explain who we are, what has happened with the war and how she is ‘free’. Considering the amount of information we unloaded on her, she took it pretty well.

Zephyr consents to assist our party and we inform her of our plan. To go into the other room and kick butt! Well, maybe take a look around first, and hey! Zephyr can fly too!! She’s going to be my new buddy, Maddie has decided, and she is SO excited for this new addition to our little group. She does feel a little twinge of guilt for inviting this newly “freed” Warforge into our problems, the Schima, the guild… we really should tell her everything. But, can she be trusted? I’m sure she can! After all, she JUST woke up! The only thing she knows is what we have told her. I’m sure the group will tell her very soon. Ingrim is usually on top of things like that.

Zephyr and Maddie descend the large hole in the room, and to our surprise don’t get shot at by the statues (even though we took precautions, just in case). Once VERY far down, we discover a 50ft room with tapestries hanging from the walls in a room that seems to be used for a gathering of sorts. Examining the tapestries a little closer and there are depictions of an undead uprising, and then Zephyr sees one with humanoids in it, we discover they are Warforged, and the tapestry depicts US, and our dwellings here the last few days…..and our demise. But how? These tapestries are ancient, hundreds of years old maybe. There is some DARK magic at work here, and after our last encounter and losing Posey, Maddie is not willing to take any risks. She grabs Zephyr and we fly out of there as fast as her little wings would go. The party agrees, and we depart. No good can come of that. We have a more important mission to attend to anyway. They do try to take the crossbow off the statue with the magic missile, but it proves useless. We destroy the ‘magical’ water fountain outside (including my little vial of it). Just in case it was a scrying spell of some kind.

Shortly after stepping outside the grounds we are woefully greeted by Horster, who somehow keeps finding us. There may be a traitor in our midst. After demanding we hand over the Schima, and basically playing dumb to having anything for him he attacks us. But this time, we are ready. They hit hard, and there were unseen archers in the trees also attacking, Born goes down, twice! Maddie must save her friend!

We FINALLY prevail and just when Maddie felt like she could have a sigh of relief because we were finally free, cut ties with the guild, Two discovers that Horster isn’t quite dead yet. Leave him, she thinks, we are better off not having any loose ends, and that’s what he gets for attacking us. To her chagrin, they decide to revive him to answer some questions. I guess that makes sense, even though she’d have preferred to just move on. He tells us what he can it seems and the party is grateful for this choice. It would seem that Nortland used some very powerful clerics to find us, maybe she was a bit hasty on the traitor accusation. But then Two wants to heal him and set him up with a bunch of potions and equipment that WE can use. Does she not realize that this guy JUST attacked us? Who is to say that he won’t once he regains his strength! We are still weakened, we can’t take another attack right now. She must be out of her mind….or….maybe….in cahoots with him. Could she, she, love him? Is he controlling her? I really don’t like how she puts his interests above the party, us, he is a BAD influence and he needs to go. He should be grateful for his life alone since he tried to KILL us! Maddie tries to unsuccessfully hide her fury, and doubts about Two and Horster.

The party consents to give him some items, Two pushes for more, but Maddie pushes back. She seems to have amnesia of the attacks that just unraveled here, could he be charming her?

Two does her best to console the party and convinces us this is the right thing to do, Maddie feels a bit guilty about her doubts about Two and decides to TRY to do something nice. Maybe if she extends a helpful hand, she’ll see Horster the way Two does. So with her last heal of the day she walks over to the “prisoner”, takes a deep, calming breathe to assure herself this is the right thing to do, she kneels, and heals him. She stands….. and…… nothing. He isn’t even looking at her. Trying to maintain her calm, she says to him, “I think you owe us an apology…” he scoffs and makes fun of her! Ungrateful useless welp! Her cool facade instantly fades and now the rest of the party is holding her back from strangling him. No one even bothers to come to her defense, Born? Ingrim?…..Zephyr? Fine. She’ll try to walk it off. Who are these so called “friends”? She debates if maybe she should just leave the Schima and go.

Two asks to take some leather armor and we consent of course as long as it isn’t for Horster. But then, when Maddie is trying to cool off, she sees Two giving Horster armor! Betrayal!!! LIES!!! She JUST said, she wouldn’t (in reality, Two was giving him her old armor, but Maddie was blind with rage and did not see the difference). That’s it! He IS influencing her, I have to do something. Oh! I’ll put him to sleep, no harm, he’ll sleep it off with his pile of goodies and we can leave, he won’t know which way we went, and he’ll wake up in a few hours just fine. Do it quick before he notices! Maddie shoots him with one of her sleeping darts, it hits, but has no affect. But before she can even react, Two and Zephyr are breathing down her neck on her actions!

….It was a sleeping dart. He wouldn’t even have been hurt….

They aren’t listening, and Born, her one dependable friend couldn’t be more useless, just sitting in the corner, staying out of it. How could he abandon her, when she needed him, why is everyone turning against her? Who are these so called “friends”… maybe it’s her, maybe she doesn’t belong with them anyway. She doesn’t even want to go to the Mournlands, she just wants to protect her friends. Ha, “friends” they obviously don’t want her.

If Warforged could cry, her face would be streaming tears. If this is what the party has come to, I want no part of it, and without a moments hesitation she flies North. Create distance, maybe they’ll see it her way, see that she meant no harm, that she was looking out for the good of the party, see that Two is incredibly influenced by Horster somehow (more than any of us could influence her) and how she might be a traitor.

Maddie finds a distant tree, and sits in it and sobs without tears, she has never felt anything like this before. Tomorrow. Tomorrow she will return to the site and hope to reconcile with them after Horster leaves (and hopefully Two with him). In the morning she returns to the site, but everyone has gone. They’ve moved on, they obviously don’t care or want her. She makes her way back to Zilargo to hide out, delve into her books, ne’er to adventure again.


Lokibryce Bee

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