The Walking Wounded

Mad Maddie's Musings in Sharn

Personal Adventure Log for Mayden 1

DAY 1:
So they sent me on an airship! It was fun and I got to spend more time with Born which is always a pleasure. Now that I am here, I don’t know that I really want to go back. They obviously don’t want me. Until I can find someone of enough worth and merit that they will listen to, I have have no cause to return for now. I should however, probably find some kind of work to keep these hands from being dangerously idle.

Shortly upon arriving in Sharn, Born and I saw a poster for a Warforged Protest…. AGAINST the Warforged! Whoever heard of such a crazy thing? Anyway, when I examined the poster something intriguing caught my eye. The poster was made with an unusual shade of RED ink. Red ink is a bit strange for a poster, so I took some time testing it while we mulled over what to do next at Mor’grave University. I discovered that the ink was made of Chromide, a fairly well known red dye used in clothing. During that time we had bumped into another Warforged. A commanding, shiny, spiky looking guy who didn’t seem to fully realize that his duties for the war were over. He wanted us to go with him to the Commons for the protest. While I was definitely interested in the protest… I thought that the lead I had on the ink would lead to more invaluable answers so I skipped it. Born, being the loyal friend he is, accompanied me. I found a little clothier shop in the lower levels and made my way down there. Apparently they DID have a shipment of Chromide stolen 2 weeks ago. AHA! There is always a thief behind mischievous deeds.

I rushed back to the square (where we agreed to meet back up with Spiky) to tell my new companion of this new information when all over I hear murmurs of hundreds of people dieing from an explosion, and towers crumbling in the Commons. A few levels up and that was easily debunked as the towers were still standing. People DID die however, about 30 (WF and breather’s alike) and for apparently no reason other than some guy named Derrik was making a point against the Warforged. Sounds like a class A jerk to me. I doubt anyone will miss HIM. The deaths of the others however was indeed tragic. Our new companion Spike-something-or-another had made a few more acquaintances while we were gone. He does seem to have a natural habit of inspiring people… A lovely scout Warforged (like me!) named Two and an anxious soldier type (albeit creepy) druid named Posey. I also made a new friend, an officer on the scene named Lewie… er, ahem Officer Lewis. He let me examine the hole that this apparent “explosion” made. It was NOT an explosive… I was sure of that! But, it did leave an odd signature behind.

After some expert sleuthing on our new groups part, Two discovers the place where we can find said thief! Now I am excited to finally battle and get to blow something up. Except we get there and there is no fight! Boo. They detain, intimidate and interrogate thiefy until he tells us more about the Chromide job. Ingrim (aka: Spike) intimidates him into giving up his ring of featherfall as a token of “good will”. I was excited to see a ring of featherfall (hoping I might be able to use it) until Born and Two made an excellent point about it being unjust of us to be stooping down to steal anything. Born, Two and I decided to return the ring to this Devent guy ASAP and try to right this little wrong. However, it was too late. Mr. Angrypants had already gone off to try to gather a posse to kill us. Ingrim and Posey were in danger! Arriving right after the battle, they were both looking pretty beat up, but thankfully alive. Except, there was this odd THIRD being. I was horrified to find out WHY Posey was so incredibly freaky. She DE-BONES people! She ripped the skeleton out of people and manipulates it. Talk about disgusting! Yucky yuck and ew ew ewwww! SO wrong! But Posey took a minute to explain that not only was her life in danger, but that she only does it to people who have already died, simply re-purposing them. Well, she WAS safe and that was worth it. She then animated the other corpse into a zombie to be our personal minion. Admittedly it is handy, but OH SO gross. This will definitely take some getting used to. We walked “them” down into the sewer, tieing up the loose ends.

Afterwards we headed over to a local inn to rest and discuss our next plan of action. Into the secret thieves guild! OooOoh goody, this will be a really fun fight!


Lokibryce Bee

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