The Walking Wounded

Droaam Discovery Disaster Diverted by Destruction of Dozen+ Dissidents


Walking Wounded – Part 9? Let’s say 9
Gaming Session on 4/17/2016
Lharvion (6)/17+?/998

Born did not expect to feel this level of animosity toward the inhabitants of Droaam (He’s not knowledgeable of history, politics, or geography, and had no idea that there were any dissenters to the treaty).

The knowledge that forges are legal in other countries does nothing to quiet his mind, as the only other alternative location for a forge he can think of is The Mournland (Born has no reason to suspect any other dissenters, so foreign is the concept). That Cyre dissented as well as Droaam, only heightens his distaste for Droaam, because that’s the only way he can cope with the hypocrisy of being a Cyre loyalist.

The whole experience has made him irritable and a bit short tempered. He is quite happy to now have a productive outlet for his frustrations, and is glad the infiltration was not ruined outright by their discovery (What if this gargoyle guy would have been open to talking and a purchase of the deck for a wager of some kind? We’ll never know, because Born was looking for an excuse to fight them. Whiiiiich he now regrets, just a little. But only a little). He giggles as he shakes off some more gore and giblets, feeling much better.


Lokibryce Aleph13

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