The Walking Wounded

Born's Bio - Bothered by Baddies

Walking Wounded – Part 4
Gaming Session on 9/21/2014

Brian – Ingram
Tash – Two
Bee – Unnamed [left: Mayden (Maddie)]
Tessa – Zephyr [left: Posie]
Aubrey – Born

The next day, sure that Maddie isn’t coming back, the four companions continue their journey to Vathirond, via Starilaskur. If they force march uninterrupted the whole way, they could make it in a couple weeks.

As they follow the Lightning Rail’s path Eastward, there are occasional bridges where the party decides it would be safer not to cross the bridge, and instead follow nearby paths and skirt around the area. In one such detour, they stumble across an ogre – no, two – and an invisible ogre caster! The caster controls Born, who starts attacking Ingram, almost taking him out. They barely knock out the ogres in time, and Born comes back to his senses. They burn the ogre, because it keeps regenerating, and as the body finally succumbs, it changes back to its original form – an Oni!

Nymm (5)/9/998

The next few days is relatively uneventful, and they make good progress. They see a horse-drawn merchant cart , and it turns out to be Gregor. How did he get East of us? Last we saw him, he was heading South towards Sharn. Ah, well. We sell some stuff, and move on.

Nymm (5)/14/998

We’ve been traveling roughly 50 miles a day at a forced hustling march, and are now 9 days away from Starilaskur. A lightning rail train zooms into view, and five unscrupulous figures jump from the train’s roof, activating feather fall tokens to land safely near us, and attack! Ingram and Zephyr go down, but Two quickly repairs them. After they’re dispatched, we notice they’re all wearing a copper band with the initials ND.


Six more uneventful days. Suddenly, giant tiger! Dispatched quickly, it must have been more afraid of us than we were of it.


Three more days, and we see Starilaskur in the distance! We debate whether to continue East to Vathirond, or head South to New Cyre, and then swing East to Kennrun, cross into Darguun, and into the mists of The Mournlands. We decide to “sleep” on it, and stay in Starilaskur for five days while Ingram’s shield is upgraded, and Born’s armor is enchanted. Our suite at the Bubbling Boulion is huge, with four large rooms on the third floor. We rest well.


At the end of the fourth day, Zephyr is on watch from our suite, monitoring the lightning rail station. She sees a bunch of unsavory characters disembark, and we decide to lay low until Ingram’s shield is ready.


Come early afternoon, we pack to leave, and head to get the shield. As we gather in front of the shop, Nortland Dawnchaser and his 20-person entourage surround the building, and us. Ingram had already gone inside. When he comes out, he addresses Nortland, and tells him that the item is gone – taken, by Posie (fly, Maddie, fly!). It doesn’t dissuade him, though, and they prep for the attack. Then, Horster bursts out of a nearby bush, yelling for him to stop! He barters his life for ours, saying that he can find the item. Nortland says “we’re done” to us, and they take Horster away. We leave town immediately, heading to the East, where we will swing South towards Kennrun, 350 miles away.


Lokibryce Aleph13

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