The Walking Wounded

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Walking Wounded -Part 2
3/15/14 – Dravago (4)/18/998

The unit decided to put the broken metal Schema in the copper tube, and secret the intact metal Schema in Maddie’s treasure chest. The broken stone Schema was put in Ingram’s Haversack. Maddie made poison caltrops to try and protect the entrances to some degree. Repairing the Titan was not possible, though, as its magical power drained when it was defeated. The plan: to turn in the copper tube to Nortlan, get travel papers to Zhilargo, and walk to the Library of Korranberg, where they would research Schema and try to figure out the function of these strange rods. Before leaving, the group voted to tell the newspaper that a disabled forge has been discovered (after delivering the copper tube to Nortlan).

As they left the main doors, Horster greeted them, decked out in a diver’s mask to protect him from the poisonous gas. He escorts us back to the Thieves’ Guild, where we meet Nortlan in a small room with bookcases.

We discovered we’re in a circle of truth, and can’t lie. We inadvertently reveal that we found the Schema, blowing our story. Nortlan lets us choose what he says, and we tell him to present the broken Schema as is. We leave, and search out someone from house Cannith who would be high ranking, and sympathetic to the Warforged.

We end up at the House Cannith tower, and Two presents the broken stone Schema to the Fabricator’s desk at the headquarters of House Cannith, as a tool to get us up to a higher authority. We’re sent to the office of Anna d’Cannith, a 30-something human. We present the broken stone Schema to her, and Two’s drawing of the old forge. She asked why we were there, and Two told her about us being hired to find the copper tube. She told us to wait in the room, and left.

In walked Renilda d’Cannith, who looked over the broken Schema. She left, and brought in Duron Ebanore – the lawful prick who fined me 1,000 G for having a forged letter of marque. I didn’t know!! Serves me right for not ratting out Nortlan.

We leave, after being fined, and pay the fine to officer Louis at guard tower 34. He said they were already taken care of by Anna d’Cannith. As we leave, Anna d’Cannith joins our party! Wait… what???

Walking Wounded
Dravago 4/18/998

So Anna d’Cannith has paid for our fines and is now part of the party…

After 3 hrs, Anna calls for camp, and we settle in for the night. Giant ants attack, trying to crush Ingram like a tin can. We fight them off, one by one, taking massive damage as we do. No one is hurt beyond repair, though. We move the camp, to avoid the huge holes the ants bored through around our old camp. Anna only grumbled an acknowledgement before moving out. Very complacent for a high ranking fleshie.

We made it to a town that didn’t like Warforged, but Anna was hungry, and got food at a local inn. Ingram was accosted by the tavern owner, and the town watch, who told him not to loiter, and basically leave town. Then, they attacked! Maddie threw a smoke bomb, and Born started retreating for the town border. A voice called out, male, but shakey, “stop! Stop all this!” and we consolidated in the town.

We left the town, made camp, and healed.

Walking Wounded
Dravago 4/19/998

After several more days, we’ve got another 2 days to Wroat. Along the Orien trail, a horse drawn cart moves South toward us, so we clear off the road to make room for it. He’s suspicious of us, but perks up when we ask what kinds of wares he offers. He doesn’t reveal what’s in the back of his cart, though. Says it’s too pricey for us. He offered to trade Maddie for a box of hers for a 10k dagger, and when she refused, offered to tell her what’s so special about the box for 50g… She paid him, and he said, “nothing,” laughed, introduced himself as Gregor, and left. Anna said she knew him (by reputation), and that he was a bad man.

A few hours later, we see a couple ogres ransacking an overturned cart. The horses were bludgeoned to death, but there’s no sign of the driver. We camp out South of them, waiting for them to be done so we can see if there’s any clues of ownership with the cart’s remains. Turns out, they stuffed the owner of the cart into a sack! We track them South, but lose the trail in a creek bed. Maddie flies ahead, trying to spot them before it’s too late. She spots a cave!

We head in, using cantripped stones to light the way. They notice, and two ogres, and an ettin rush us! We take them out, though not without cost. We searched the rest of the cave, and find who we think is the cart owner. He’s unconscious, but stable, so we search the rest of the cave. Found a pile of loot under a large rock, and some more in a pile of discarded, gnawed bones.


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